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Autumn In London

The past few weeks have been up and down. It’s turned cold now. Bitingly cold. When I leave the house, the chill bites my cheeks until they’re pink. Most of the leaves have fallen and are lining the streets and roads so I walk around London in a sea of oranges and reds. Life has been as colourful as this autumn. Here are some highlights in words and photos.


I’ve started using an app called Headspace every morning. It’s a ten-minute meditation app, actually recommended to me ages ago by my ex-boyfriend (good things come out of every relationship!). The ten minutes of guided meditation really have made a difference to my day. It’s realistic about not promising to change your life overnight, and reminds you that mindfulness won’t suddenly appear in every corner of your life. But it’s helped me pay attention to the way my mind works and overflows and how to (try and) pause and be more in the moment. In the now, not racing around inside my own head.

Morning Sunrise London

morning sunrise Fulham

Writing Down Every Worry

I’ve been overwhelmed with thoughts. Sometimes over the past few weeks, I’ve felt like I couldn’t breathe I’ve been so overwhelmed by the volume and the noise inside my head. The overwhelm can make me feel so panicky. At times like these, overtaken by worries, I’ve taken to writing every thought and stress down, either on my phone or in my journal. Putting them all down, especially on paper, turns them into something concrete and tangible, and I immediately feel more in control of those racing thoughts. I’m not judging them or trying to work them out, just noticing them all. Somehow, once they’re all down, they’re tamed a little, easier to control.

flannel pajamas

Flannel Pyjamas

I now have some incredible matching pink flannel pyjamas and they are amazing. They’ve definitely made my week. I spent all day Friday in them while doing uni work and I’m pretty sure it increased my productivity by 173627%. Definitely my #1 Christmas investment recommendation.

Autumn, A Week In The Life


I finished up my internship at Career Girl Daily! It was an amazing five weeks and I learned so, so much. I’m also happily still in touch with the editor Beth and still working as a contributor, which is amazing. For now, my writing horizon is pretty clean – just contributor work for CGD and others, while I finish my dissertation and apply for full-time jobs. My first interview for My Little Black Book went up when the site relaunched two weeks ago, and I couldn’t be more proud of lovely Anna and her words.

rainbow Hammersmith London

rainbow Hammersmith


I went on a lovely date last Sunday afternoon. We went to this amazing chocolate cafe called Said in Soho, where they sell (obviously) an incredible selection of chocolates and the most delicious hot chocolate. It’s cute and cosy and definitely reminiscent of that Juliette Binoche/Johnny Depp adaptation of Chocolat. Chocolates are either piled in tantalising heaps on plates or stuffed in jars. We hid in Said while it poured outside and sipped on the incredible hot chocolate for a few hours. The date rounded off with making tartiflette at home, and it’s definitely become one of my favourite dishes, especially for winter.
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