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my Moleskine diary and notebook

Another long one. This post is all about aesthetic uniformity. And I get to why I love Moleskines so much about halfway down.  

Thoughts On Being Aesthetically Uniform

I really rate aesthetic uniformity. By that I mean anything that’s aesthetically uniform and coherent – whether that be a person, an Instagram account, a blog, a stationary addiction. Any sort of aesthetic uniformity speaks volumes to me: this person has got their shit worked out. They know what they like and value and that comes through in every little corner of their lives. It’s something I’ve always distinctly associated with being a grownup, that thing I’ve dreamt of since I was a little girl.

So, for example: my lovely friend Gabrielle loves everything and anything William Morris. She has a William Morris phone case and a William Morris calendar. She wants to buy a William Morris tea set and bed sheets. This, to me, says that Gabrielle knows herself. She knows what she likes. Another example: my other lovely friend Sabrina is obsessed with the colour orange. She owns an endless amount of orange things. Anna adores sewing and sews clothes as a hobby. And this blogger I love always uses this filter on her photos. And that blogger I love has a really distinct sense of style.

William Morris Birds

But I’ve never felt like I give off a strong enough aesthetically uniform impression for anyone to be able to say the same sort of thing about me. My #lifecrisis2k15 really hit that point home. I remember one bleak, bleak day, sitting down to write in my journal and thinking about “me”. I wrote my name in the middle of a blank page and then tried to create a spider diagram of things that were distinctly “Larissa” around my name. And I really, really struggled. And then I cried. That moment, right there, marked a big moment in my life crisis – it was the moment I realised that I just didn’t know myself very well at all.

The past six months or so has been about getting to know myself, for the first time really. I’ve watched that spider diagram slowly fill up and I’m excited about the fact that it will keep filling up. I’ve realised that there are cornerstones of “me”, essential parts of me that speak to that aesthetic uniformity I’ve craved.

Several things have contributed to this aloneness and appreciation for “me” on my own, an entity who can stand on her own two feet separate from others. My breakup was the biggest contributor to this – it was honestly the best thing that could have happened for “me”. Reading The Life-Changing Magic Of Not Giving A F*** definitely had a big hand in it. My friends encouraging me to spend time alone getting to know myself also helped.

So I’m going to be writing a series called “Favourite” about the things I’ve worked out are part of “me” (as “me” currently stands). It’s a perfect excuse to rave about the things I love and it’ll be interesting looking back in a few years’ time and noticing what’s changed.

Favourite: Moleskines

My Moleskine love started last year, when my sister gifted me a Moleskine planner. It probably holds a special place in my heart partly because it was finally, finally the first planner I managed to steadfastly fill from beginning to end, an ambition I’ve had since I was little.

But it is also a great planner for several other reasons:

1. You can choose your colour:

An important detail. My first one was purple, my current one is blue.

2. It has a one-week-per-page spread:

I need to have enough space to write what I’m doing but I also don’t want to have so much space it looks like I have no life. The one-week-per-page spread is perfect: I can fit everything in and also look like I’m busy (even when I’m not).

3. It has a lined page opposite each week:

I’m a big fan of to-do lists, as I’ve said here 492018 times. Writing weekly to-do lists is easy with the Moleskine diary – I can write it opposite my week spread and have a firm grasp of what I’m doing and what I need to do.

4. It has a page marker:

Absolute must. I need to know where I am in the grand scheme of time.

5. It has a pocket at the back:

Perfect for loose papers, which for me means letters that need posting and bank statements.

6. It’s the perfect size:

Not overwhelming big but big enough that I’m not struggling to write things down and squish things on the page. Also, not too heavy – I can carry it pretty much everywhere (except to go party, but who needs a planner when you’re dancing?).

Moleskine Diary

It’s elegant, practical, and just beautiful in my opinion. A classic. If you’re looking at getting a planner for 2017, give the Moleskine diary a try.

Aside from the diary, Moleskine are also my go-to place for buying notebooks. I used to have a million notebooks, in all varying sizes and shapes and colours and patterns… And unsurprisingly, I could never finish a notebook. I’d start one and then be frustrated by my lack of uniformity in the notebook, by the occasional messy page, by my indecision regarding what the notebook’s purpose should be.

That all went away once I started using the black, large, soft-cover, ruled Moleskine notebook. It’s perfect. I realised I prefer wide notebooks because I have enough room to write in them – my hand always seems to be awkwardly squished when writing in small notebooks. The soft cover means it’s so light and easy to carry around. And it’s black, and I love most things black. Unsurprisingly, once I’d found the perfect fit notebook for me, I was able to consistently use it without any effort or thought.

My Moleskines

One day, I realised that Moleskines had become a little piece of “me”. I carry them everywhere. When I open them, I can look at my writing spilling over every page. There’s a distinct style to the content I’ve poured into them. They’re a part of “me”, the everyday “me”. I found something I loved, something that spoke to my aesthetic values, something that represented me. It suddenly made sense – no wonder I’d never been able to stick to a diary or notebook before. None of them had fit me.

I’d grown up a bit. I’d worked out something that I liked and loved. I’d worked out that I like having a diary and notebook and sticking to them consistently. I’d worked out that Moleskines were perfect for me.

And I revelled in this little realisation. I revelled in this little bit of “me” that I discovered, this little bit of aesthetic uniformity. It’s a small pleasure, one that no one else is likely to notice, but it makes me happy. And I’m paying attention to the small pleasures these days.  They’re the things that can make me happy on a regular basis. And they can be just as satisfying as the big things.

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    Moleskines are beautiful, simple, and definitely a favorite for good reason!

    I love your idea of making a spider diagram of things that are distinctly “you.” I recently moved to France on my own, and it has been the experience that has helped me the most with figuring out who I am and what I want. Cheers to you for figuring out who you are!

    December 26, 2016 at 8:06 pm
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