I’m a 22-year old English Literature student turned freelance writer, and lover of Hermione, books, tea, the Victorian era, writing lists, big nights out in London, journaling, Moleskines, chocolate, intersectional feminism, baking, Dickens, 90s hip hop, Otis Redding, and more more more. You can expect to find me writing about all that here.

I also write about all that in Huffington Post, My Little Black BookCareer Girl Daily, and Ms Career Girl.

I started this blog because there’s just so much floating around in my head that needs articulating somewhere other than random notes on my phone, my countless half-filled journals, and convoluted conversations with friends/family.

When I’m not writing essays on Victorian and modernist literature, I’m reading things that aren’t on reading lists, attempting to finish a whole journal, and trying to pretend my life is actually accompanied by music, just like the films.


I’m super conscious of wanting to hold on to the integrity of my blog and its authenticity, so all opinions on here are very much my own and only come from a place of genuine feeling.

Sometimes I include affiliate links in my posts, which basically means if you end up buying the product I might get something like 60p from that purchase. But I never write posts just because I want to include affiliate links – I write posts about things that I love and then include a link if it’s relevant.

Sometimes I might write sponsored posts, which basically means someone’s sent me a free product in exchange for a review. But they’re extreeeeemely rare and I only write about products that I actually love and would buy myself.