I started this blog because there’s just so much floating around in my head that needs articulating somewhere other than random notes on my phone, my countless half-filled journals, and convoluted conversations with friends/family.
This blog started off a little aimless, probably aspiring to be another “lifestyle” blog. That’s changed, though. Thank God. I now produce two types of content – fiction and non-fiction. I produce more of the latter than the former. Mostly I write long(ish) essays that expand on some random passing thought that flashes across my mind and try and make sense of the thought.

What sort of thoughts do I have? Well, I’m a 23-year old English Literature student turned freelance writer, and lover of Hermione, books, tea, the Victorian era, writing lists, big nights out in London, journaling, Moleskines, chocolate, intersectional feminism, baking, Dickens, 90s hip hop, Otis Redding, and more more more. You can expect to find a lot of thoughts about that here.