a week in the life 27/11/16

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Sunset Fulham

This post is a little late because Sunday was spent doing very little, except lounging in bed and thinking about what I should be doing instead of lounging in bed… So here is last week, this week.

My friend Gabrielle likes to say that life has its ups and downs just like the tide has its ebb and flow – and that the bigger the ebb, the bigger the flow. It’s definitely true that I can’t be ecstatically happy all the time. If I was, I wouldn’t notice or appreciate it because it would be an expected, unsurprising constant. But having those periods of average and low in between just accentuates those periods of high. The past few weeks have been a bit of a plateau, with spikes in high dotted in between. Here are the spikes: Read more…

November 29, 2016

5 reasons everyone should KonMari their home

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My Bedroom Post KonMari Method

This post is a massive, typical blogger self-indulgence: it’s just an excuse to write about being tidy and organised, one of my life loves. It’s an excuse to write a list, one of my favourite things. It’s an excuse to put all my gushings about the Kon Mari method and how it’s changed my life down in writing, and hopefully in the process stop harassing all my friends about it. (Let’s be real, though, that’s not really going to change.) Read more…

November 25, 2016

a few weeks in the life 21/11/16

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Autumn In London

The past few weeks have been up and down. It’s turned cold now. Bitingly cold. When I leave the house, the chill bites my cheeks until they’re pink. Most of the leaves have fallen and are lining the streets and roads so I walk around London in a sea of oranges and reds. Life has been as colourful as this autumn. Here are some highlights in words and photos. Read more…

November 21, 2016


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Autumn, Fulham, London
 I’m writing this at my desk. It sits right up against the window, so I can look out into my garden and all the other little gardens of this residential Fulham street. There are gardeners in ours today, trimming and clearing and pruning our little square bit of green. My parents built this garden from scratch themselves nearly ten years ago now, and I’ve loved watching it grow. I love the way it runs wild in the summer months, overflowing into the neighbours’ gardens too.

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November 16, 2016